iOS Board Games Best Practices Report for Quarter 3, 2011

     In order to provide a clearer picture of the iOS board game industry and its trends, we conducted a survey of the industry for Quarter 3, 2011. The results of this survey can be found here in iOS Board Games State of the Industry Report. It takes a look at the basic trends and state of the industry.

     In addition, we have created this iOS Board Games Best Practices Report aimed at developers, board game publishers, and industry professionals. The iOS Board Games Best Practices Report contains nearly 40 pages of additional content, featuring breakdowns, charts, and analyses of the best practices and choices when developing iOS board game apps. This document will be a key in understanding and implementing the correct decisions in board game apps. For a more detailed look at the contents of the report please see the table of contents below.

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Table of Contents for the iOS Board Games Best Practices Report Quarter 3, 2011:

A. Genre and Market Segments
I. Which Genres are Successful?
– Fig. 2: Genre Distribution of Respondents
– Fig. 23: Genre/Total Revenue Comparison
II. Which Market Segments are successful?
– Fig. 24: Market Segment/Total Revenue Comparison
B. What Price Points are successful?
– Fig. 20: Quarter 3 Revenue Percentage by Price
– Fig. 25: Price Point Compared to Total Revenue Q3
– Fig. 13: Apps with In App Purchases
C. Which Features are key to success?
-Fig. 26: Total Features compared to Total Revenue
I. Multiplayer Features
– Fig. 28: Revenue Distribution by Multiplayer Features
– Fig. 30: Quarter 3 Apps with Pass and Play Features
– Fig. 22: Apps with Online Features compared with Revenue Generated
– Fig. 29: Makeup of Online Features
II. AI and Computer Opponents
– Fig. 31: Revenue Distribution of Apps with AI Opponents
III. Additional Features
– Fig. 27: Feature Breakdown
a. Written Rules
b. Sound Controls
c. Pause Function
d. Solitaire/Campaign Mode
e. Built in Tutorial
f. Random Start Player
g. Achievement System
h. Statistics and Game History
i. Player Names and Avatars
j. Unlockable Content
D. The Launch Window
– Fig. 41: Revenue drop off of apps released in Q2, during Q3
– Fig. 43: Q2 to Q3 Drop Off Trends for Apps Released Before Q2
– Fig. 44: Revenue Drop Off Comparison
E. What are the Traits of the Top 20%
I. Market Segment
II. Platform Availability
III. Price Point
IV. Features
V. Release Period
– Best Practices from the top 20%
F. Conclusion and Best Practices